Martin Theatre Company

East Providence, RI


Quality theater for over 20 years

The Martin Theatre Company, comprised of students from Martin Middle School and East Providence High School, is a professionally operating company that performs high quality dramas and musicals for audiences of all ages.


Who are we?

MTC was founded by Ms. Judy de Perla in 1996 and ran on funds scraped up from talent shows for its first nine years of life.

In the following decade, the program grew: the company added a joint high school/middle school production in addition to its standing middle school show. As the number of shows doubled, so did the number of directors! In 2009, Ms. Jessica Poore began directing alongside Ms. de Perla. In 2012, Ms. de Perla backed up into the role of company manager, while Mr. Geoff Higginbotham stepped in with his gentle dynamism to direct with Ms. Poore. The duo brought a degree of professionalism and polish to all performances that significantly strengthened MTC’s quality and reputation.

In 2017, directorship of the spring production was turned over to Miss Jillian Gesualdi who became iconic in expanding the company’s repertoire to include musical theatre. Her expertise in dance and music, paired with a flare for the dramatic, has elevated the program to operate on levels that no one imagined it could. Now, Miss Gesualdi and Ms. Poore (now Mrs. Mayette) have joined forces in combined directorship over all shows for MTC going forward, while Ms. de Perla continues as our company manager and backbone.

Over the years, countless students have expressed their affection for our program and have moved on to work as professional actors throughout RI and NY. As a result of Ms. de Perla’s groundwork and relentless dedication, many lives have been changed by the MTC. Martin Theatre provides its members with a sense of freedom, family, and home. Every day, we are proud to build upon the legacy Ms. de Perla has show at a time.